11 Signs to Find out If You’re Working for a Bad Enterprise

bad enterprise

You’ve noticed that something isn’t right in your office, and you just can’t enjoy it. Your enthusiasm has diminished, you can’t recall the last time you felt good about getting up and going to work, and you spend your days on the job clock-watching and dreaming of escaping.

These maybe the signs that perhaps it’s time, to be honest, and ask yourself whether this particular job is suitable for you. Being in a job that isn’t suitable for you is depressing, and can impact not only your work life but also for your mental health.

If you’re not sure about whether to stay or go, here are a few signs that may help you in considering whether this job is right for you.

  1. Seniors are always late in the morning and sit late to complete their task
  2. You’re expected to work overall weekends and public holidays
  3. Taking sick leave is a crime
  4. You can’t trust anyone
  5. Salaries are delayed regularly
  6. Travel, food, and medical claims are not settled promptly
  7. People CC too many people in their emails
  8. Communication from senior management is impolite
  9. Courtesy and respect is non-existent
  10. Staff turnover is alarming
  11. Code of conduct doesn’t apply to senior management

Remember, giving in isn’t the same as giving up! Knowing something isn’t right for you means you’re on the right track in finding something that is, so be encouraged and get started.

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