I’d been on a no-money walking pilgrimage and the people of this a village — in North Gujarat — hosted us for a night. The village is poverty-ridden and nothing much has been done so far. It isn’t even on the map of India.

The next day when I asked the village mentor and head that what can I offer, they immediately requested for electrification. I promised to bring solar electricity to the village.

After I came back home, I started a campaign to bring solar electricity in this village. With support from like-minded friends and social media, I managed to collect the required funds to assemble 100 solar kits for 100 families.

In three months we electrified the tribal village. What didn’t happen for 70 years after independence happened in few months with the support of alert citizens and social media. After this the state Government got active and they supplied bigger kits to the village after a year.

Today, the entire village runs on solar electricity.