There’s nothing left to feel bad about. Neither bad nor I.

Not so another brick in the wall

I was born in 1979 in a humble family to parents who were victims of the partition of India. I was raised with much-needed life skills — kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude.

In school, I displayed a keen interest in creative arts and altruism. By the time all my grey cells were developed, I realized that I wasn’t like everyone else around me.

Class of 1995

I enjoyed my school life to the maximum without worrying much about the number game. I was a victim of bullying in school but with the right attitude and guidance, I could deal with it.

I made good friends who are in touch to date; including my first crush. I own good memories that still make me cry with joy.

It’s not only me who remembers this year, everyone at the school does too. I did something in 1995 that never happened in 100 years and has never happened to date.

God isn’t in a pill

College life was fun and bounded by a common thread of a deep thirst for exploration. The location cast its spell!

I got connected with a group of hippies from Europe who was, in turn, seeking the meaning of life. They told me that they were seeking God. I believed them.

They hosted several trance parties to connect with the universe but it was nothing more than being drugged, drunk, and having sex all day and night. But soon, I realized that I was going too far; under the garb of pseudo-spirituality.

It was hard, and took some time but with determination and guidance, I was out of this. I even started a job as a runner in a small shop. Finally, I found my first love but by 2000 both college and the love affair were over.

Lights, camera, action!

In 2001, after graduating from college, I realized my dream of working in the creative arts field. In the early years, I worked, as a computer graphic artist, with several Bollywood-based studios.

I wanted to grow and excel in life and I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work with a Hollywood-based animation studio in Mumbai. Studio life was 24×7 work and fun.  I worked on award-winning international multimedia and film projects.

Paradise lost

The creative field demands a lot of time, money, and energy. I was loving it. But at the same time was hoping to fall in love with humans of the opposite gender too. I couldn’t do it. I failed miserably — 2 times! After that, I was depressed for some months and made alcohol my constant companion. This cost me a fortune in the future!

Rise and fall of the ego-trip

Studio life is a great teacher. It paid me really well. So well that I lost my senses. The money was huge and I didn’t know how to spend it. I developed a bad attitude toward money and most of it went in the wrong direction.

I’d a bad accident under the influence of alcohol that handicapped my right hand for almost a year. I was on the bed and had a lot of time for introspection. I handled the situation with grace. With the right attitude and guidance, I transformed into a good leader and a fine human being; again.

Into the wild

In 2008, a severe recession hit India and many people lost their job. I led a team and had to let go of several of them.

After the company downsized to 50%, I offered the management to grant me a 6-month unpaid sabbatical.

My offer was accepted. I used the sabbatical to visit South Africa for vocational studies in the wilderness. Do you see the man with long hair on the screen left? That’s me!

Paradise gained

In 2010, after a lot of experiments in different romantic relationships, I married my friend Bindiya who turned out to be my soul-mate. She’s one of the forces that keep me running. She’s not my better half but my equal half.

God sent me the bill

I survived the corporate jungle but I was unhappy from the inside. After a lot of introspection, I observed that I was deeply wounded and lost. I realized the importance of mental wellness. All my life I waited for the person to change my sorry situation and one fine day, in 2013, I realized that the person is no other than myself. 

I used life relentlessly. The divine bill had arrived. It was time to pay back! I decided to complete the circle. I resigned from the high-profile job in the animation studio; after a service of 10 wonderful years.

Moved by love

I initiated a 4-year-long sabbatical and explore my true self. I believe that the meaning of life is to find your gifts, and the purpose is to give them all away. It turned out to be a beautiful journey where I got rid of my false ego and found various gifts that the universe has granted me.

In 2013, I started off at Gandhi ashram in India. I stayed there for several months to understand the philosophy of life, learn self-transformation, and inner well-being, explore the dynamics of selfless community service, and understand the concepts of money, wealth, and prosperity.

Call of duty

After I was moved by love, I created an informal social benefit community to bring social transformation using storytelling, social media, and technology.

I attended many spiritual retreats and traveled locally within India to understand problems and bring radical solutions for the betterment of society. This was also I started coaching people in mental wellness.

Our service in the field of education, rural development, peacebuilding, thanksgiving, and compassionate communication was acknowledged by many organizations; including the Indian Army, PMO, Maharashtra Police, etc.

Lessons from death

By 2015, my parents developed terminal illnesses and had few months to survive. I was fortunate to serve them in their last times. Their death taught to be important lessons. I had 1,500 friends on social media but 0 in the hospital. This is karma!

As I was putting the ashes of my mother into the river, I realized that with all our ego, desire, hatred, love, wealth, anger, and millions of other emotions, we’re nothing more than a fistful of ashes.

Paths are made by walking

During my 4-year-long sabbatical, I participated in several no-money walking pilgrimages. I wanted to explore the great Indian GUEST IS GOD philosophy.

At first, it seemed an outer journey. But, as days passed, I realized it was more of an inner journey. On the way, we met extraordinary humans and unprecedented situations that restored my belief in goodness.


After my savings were exhausted, in 2020, I re-started my professional life again. I’m currently working in the L&D space. I was guided in the most difficult times of my life and I feel it’s my time to do it for those in need. Hence, along with my creative services, I offer to coach creative arts and offer first aid for mental wellness.