Rural India’s Digital Leader

I visited a tribal school near my city lately. The visit was to support this marginalized and neglected community for digital literacy. I and few friends collected old laptops and we shared in a few schools in Karjat district — 2 hours from Mumbai.

Our coordinator introduced us to Arjun Sakpal from a nearby village. He’s the man who has won my heart and compelled me to cover his story. He’s the village head of 16 villages. A man with a golden heart, he has launched the first digital school in his zone.

The school has a beautiful room with a projector and DVDs of education content. This is one of its kind initiative in the entire zone and needs big applause from all of us. In the time where everyone is just ranting about going digital and being tech-savvy, he has done it already and that too in a tribal area.

This is the first step towards digital literacy in their zone and he intends to add a few more in the zone. The school has such colorful walls, all done with the support of teachers and students. He took us all around villages and his home too. A more interesting observation, while driving, was that he used to say people that he’s driving and thus maintain safety on roads.

I salute to the spirit of this man and wish that we get more and more people like him in Indian and only then the good days will be around and the nation will be the digital nation; as suggested by our Prime Minister.

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