Mumbai Police: 100 Calls to 100 With 100% Result

I'm fortunate to live in Mumbai that's —in my view— the best police in India. With the motto TO PROTECT THE GOOD AND DESTROY THE EVIL, the Mumbai Police has always come to my rescue in times of distress. This blog post is based on my personal experience. You may have a different experience with the police, … Continue reading Mumbai Police: 100 Calls to 100 With 100% Result

From Hatred To Love

Since childhood, I hated and feared the police. The reason was unknown; maybe upbringing, maybe wrong values, maybe false information, maybe Chinese whispers, maybe family experiences but one reason that I found out — in my mid-30s — was that there was a complete lack of connecting with them. Hence, the hatred and fear only grew … Continue reading From Hatred To Love

Cop With a Twist

He's one of the most radical police officers I've met in my life. He climbed the Stok Kangri range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of northwest India. Raju Patil was the Assistant Director of Maharashtra Police Academy in Nashik when I met him during a training session at the academy. He's a trainer, athlete, biker, mountaineer, father, learner, orator, and upon all … Continue reading Cop With a Twist