Mumbai Police: 100 Calls to 100 With 100% Result

mumbai police

I’m fortunate to live in Mumbai that’s —in my view— the best police in India. With the motto TO PROTECT THE GOOD AND DESTROY THE EVIL, the Mumbai Police has always come to my rescue in times of distress.

This blog post is based on my personal experience. You may have a different experience with the police, my experience has always been positive.

The 100 helpline number has been boon for me. For some time now, I’ve been tracking the number of times I called up police and the success rate. The result has been phenomenal. They usually come under 10-30 minutes depending upon the location and offer a solution.

Recently, I called them up the 100th time. This time to report a noise pollution issue and they stopped the nuisance within 10 minutes. I’ve sought their help for various issues ranging from minor to major crimes. They’re always available for selfless service with a 100% success rate; in my case.

The department has several police-public connect initiatives where you can work with them. I volunteered to offer my talent for a training program at one of their academies in Mumbai and it was a super hit.

This was the first time that I worked with police so closely; understood their challenges and problems. We shared so many beautiful moments that I’ll always cherish for life. In return, I got so much love from them and they were so happy that I came and offered my service.

We troll them, we fear them, we love to hate them, but we rarely thank them! The Mumbai Police takes all that in its pace and still goes about its responsibility religiously whether it ensuring the safety of civilians, sometimes putting their own lives in danger.

It’s a rewarding experience to work with the police. By working doesn’t mean that you have to work with them on the ground. You can call 100 to report crimes and help your city and citizens of your city.

Mumbai Police is always at your service with a smile!

Just take the first step and you’ll witness a spectacular relation with our police department and if nothing, you’ll collect memories of a lifetime.


जय हिंद!

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