Cop With a Twist

He’s one of the most radical police officers I’ve met in my life. He climbed the Stok Kangri range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of northwest India.

Raju Patil was the Assistant Director of Maharashtra Police Academy in Nashik when I met him during a training session at the academy. He’s a trainer, athlete, biker, mountaineer, father, learner, orator, and upon all a good human being.

I was quite impressed by his achievement in his Police career. He was our single point of contact on the campus. He has been honest all his life and is loved by his senior officials. He was also nominated for training in the USA to upgrade his skills and has been awarded two prestigious awards by the force.

Why did you do this expedition?

I’m 50 now and I want to check my stamina and perseverance.

OMG, that’s great!

Yes indeed, I not only climbed the mountain but I did it in half the scheduled time. I also spread the message of a clean environment and saying NO to intoxication of any kind.

Such Police officers make us feel proud of our disciplinary forces. India needs more and more officers like him. I salute to the spirit to this man and wish him all the success in life.

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