Miracles Happen, Every Day

I believe in miracles and hence, they keep coming to me. It came yet again.

I’d been bargaining with this auto-rickshaw driver who asked for an exorbitant rate for a short distance. Somehow, we cracked a deal. After a while, I realized that I’d forgotten a bag but was not sure where. A phone came from the reception of the hotel put breath into my life.

This man came to return the bag. I was overwhelmed with compassion and shame on me. I’d been thinking wrong things about him on the way to the hotel and he came as the almighty to save me.

This is one of those miracles in my life that prove that we all have love at the bottom of our heart and goodness is in everybody, everywhere. If you believe in a supreme power, it can meet you in any form.

His name is Sarvanand and he rides his auto-rickshaw in Chennai. If you come across him, please share your bit of gratitude. People like him make me feel so joyful about humanity.

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