Young Footballers of India

I met these young boys in my locality. I’m lucky to have them as my neighbor — we stay in the same housing society. Meet Yash Shirke and Aditya Pandey — the dudes.

Both of them are hard-core football fans. They learn the game through a club in Mumbai and are doing good in the game. Lately, Yash won a gold medal in an inter-state championship and got selected to play at the national level. His parents were mad with happiness that day. We’re also proud that this young man is going to play for our country.

Both are upcoming names in the field of football and it’s really interesting to see people come up in sports other than cricket. Nobody can tell how tall a tree will grow up from a seed. Who knows, one of them might become someone special like Master-Blaster of the cricket or Black Pearl of football? Who knows, one of them or both of them might also have a chapter in school in coming years?

Whatever happens, I’m sure that these young men are the future of football in India. The nation is proud to have such gems in her lap. I’ve already taken their autographs; just in case they become too big for me to reach them.

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