Girl Power

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.

This is what Khushboo Yadav and Gulafsha Shaikh believe. Here are two young ladies who are making a change. Both have studied in a community-learning center in Mumbai and now they teach in such a community-learning center. Coming from a low-income family, they had been less fortunate until the time they decided to change their situation; all by themselves.

They’re good in their studies. Khushboo has decided to be a teacher while Gulafsha has decided to be a doctor. However, both want to serve the community in whatever way possible, and teaching less fortunate school children to form their locality is their way of being the change. They teach in a community-learning center in nearby slums — every day after college.

Such women bring pride and glory to our nation. They’ve proved that nothing is impossible — even at a young age.

When asked about their motivation, they said that If we want to see a better world tomorrow, we’ve to work today.

Salute to this spirit!

One thought on “Girl Power

  1. OH! I love finding out people are teachers..and I probably already knew this about you but maybe not. I taught too…but now am home. I MISS TEACHING – I think it is a profession that takes up a part of your soul and when you aren't doing it a little piece of you is missing. So good for you for finding the positives – and they are ALL positives! I am assuming you get your summers off…which is why I contemplated not staying home because teaching really does give you the best of both worlds! You are modern woman – I hear you roar!

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