Lessons in Generosity

I met an elderly lady who was continuously watching me eating breakfast. I was looking at her too, she had green eyes. She looked like a Greek Goddess born in the remotest village of Maharashtra, India.

Maharashtra meaning The Great Land, is witnessing an adverse drought situation. The farmers are dying of poverty, hunger, and suicide. She was not a new victim but a rather strange one. Her eyes spoke for her. Her dress spoke for her. The last drop of tear in her eye spoke for her.

I offered her food. At first, she was hesitant but later she’d to agree. I decided to eat with her and talk to her. She told me about her family situation earlier to the drought. They were quite well to do farmers and she used to feed paupers of her village. She used to organize food camps for pilgrims.

Then what happened to her fate? Is this a fruit of some past actions? She was a generous human being and look at her now! She is dependent on begging; as her profession. I’ve learned the most valuable lesson of my life. Just by being a good stranger had brought a smile to her face. She was so contented.

Everyone wants to be included, heard, and acknowledged. And again, I think who was giving? Was it me or was it her? Her generous character allowed me to offer her service. I’ve learned a good lesson — generosity attracts generosity.

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