A Close Shave!

I was in a hospital for the treatment of my father. I stayed there for a long time and it almost felt like I work there. The emotions were a blend of many unseen emotions that I never thought I’d hidden in me.

Everything was going good, till the time I felt itching in my chin. I just realized that I’d developed a little beard. I was running around to hunt for a saloon nearby but couldn’t find one. Then suddenly, entered this man with his dark bag and light words.


My God, this was like the magic of life. He was an in-house barber of the hospital. This is the fun of being in a five-star hospital, you get everything under one roof. Parameshwar Sharma was then kind enough to give me a nice and close shave.

He has been associated with this hospital for many years and has been a barber all his life. He told me that he belongs to a family of barbers. Isn’t that cool? He lives in suburban Mumbai and spends his time in the hospital and manages his little saloon in the evening.

Such hard work and conviction toward work moved my heart and I listened to his story. We thanked each other after the job was done and I think, I should have asked him for a head massage too!

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