A Different Kind of Auto-Rickshaw Driver

I was injured and had to visit a friend. I couldn’t find public transport. As a ritual, all the auto-rickshaw drivers offered their kind NO and I was standing like the last tree in the jungle. But one man was watching me and he's the hero of this story. He came up to me and … Continue reading A Different Kind of Auto-Rickshaw Driver

Salman, Jeep, Driver and Gossip 

चलो, चलो चलो, सवारी १० रुपये | He was shouting at the top of his voice. I also wanted to ride to my destination in North Gujarat, India. I fought like a child — although I'm still one — and took the front seat in his Jeep. He put his favorite USB drive full of … Continue reading Salman, Jeep, Driver and Gossip 

Miracles Happen, Every Day

I believe in miracles and hence, they keep coming to me. It came yet again. I'd been bargaining with this auto-rickshaw driver who asked for an exorbitant rate for a short distance. Somehow, we cracked a deal. After a while, I realized that I'd forgotten a bag but was not sure where. A phone came … Continue reading Miracles Happen, Every Day