The Red Band

Finally, I spotted one near my home. They started their magic and I couldn’t resist capturing this nostalgic moment — almost like a rat who came running to Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The band was playing some awesome music when I approached them. It was a perfect example of teamwork and harmony. Inherited from the old British Empire, the brass bands belong now to the tradition in India and appeal to their audience as everywhere else, whatever the circumstances are: national or religious celebrations, popular festivals workshops, or life events such as weddings. In India, no marriage is without a brass band!

The Nashik Dhol is more popular.

Proprietor, Sargam Brass Band

I used to see so many of them before but they’re almost extinct nowadays. Somebody had called them today to celebrate some Jain festival. They’ll cast their magic for an hour or so and leave the main person in their epic van. It was so good to see them today playing.

The speed at which we’re killing our traditions and customs, I hope we don’t kill this part of the celebration.

After all, India is all about loud noise.

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