My Questions Have Changed With Time

With time, I’ve changed a lot. The search, the discovery, the thinking pattern, the conditioning, the wishlist, everything has changed. Even my questions have changed.

Previously, if I met anyone, I’d ask questions related to material achievements and self-gratification. Today, I ask ARE YOU HAPPY? ARE YOU LOVING YOURSELF? DID YOU DO AN ACT OF KINDNESS TODAY? HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE?

Maybe, I didn’t mean much before, maybe it was just out of formality but nowadays I ask out of empathy and compassion. Everyone is seeking true and everlasting happiness, so I ask them the right — and direct — question. I don’t want to know how much money they’re making, how much sex and alcohol they’re having, how big is their home, or what smartphone they have.

Nope, these are temporary pleasures for self-gratification and I’ve understood that it won’t last, but true happiness will. I’m concerned whether they’re on the right path to happiness. If not, I can be of service in the capacity of happiness and mental health coach.

I’m looking outside of me.

I feel like a grown-up finally, at 40.

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