I Come From One India, a United India

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This blog post has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just my perspective about India as a responsible, conscious growing country. As the famous poet Rumi said that there’s ground far beyond right and wrong, I’m meeting you from that ground.


Neither I’m an expert nor I’m a wise human but like anyone else in this free country, I’ve got a right to put ahead of my thoughts about anything. I’m glad that I belong to this great land that’s ever-growing, ever-blooming in the mud.

I suggest moving ahead with an open mind.

I wish I’d such a platform where millions would get an opportunity to listen to my thoughts and I believe, the internet is such a place — only I’m not famous enough. It’s not that everything is good out here but it’s not that everything is bad out there. That’s the two sides of the story.

There’re no two Indias. There’re just two sides.

India is full of contrasts. Life is full of contrast. Hence, you’ll find a lot of contrast in this blog post too!


Recently, I came an eye-catching and thoughtful video by an Indian comedian Vir Das. It inspired and motivated me to write this blog post. The video portrays his perspective about current India, while according to me it portrays a half-baked image of current India.


I’m glad that I’m from India. I come from one India, a united India.

I come from an India that has successfully come out of the pangs of the deadly COVID-19. Although children, adults, followers, influencers, or leaders themselves sometimes don’t adhere to strict norms, we’re trying our best. It happens that some people just keep a watch only on the leaders in the action but forget to keep a watch on the citizens but still the situation isn’t so bad.

I come from an India where the AQI is extremely dangerous. The leaders gave a strict mandate but people didn’t listen and now everyone has to bear the consequences. The people comfortably blame someone else for their blunder. The plight is the same every festival season, yet we hold each other’s hand and move ahead with love and humility.

BTW, not all the places in India have a deadly AQI.

I come from an India which like all other hundreds of countries in the world faces the curse of rape. We worship women, we’ve got goddesses yet rapes happen. Who does it? Who are these men? Do these men belong to a specific religion or political party?

Not at all!

I come from an India where the name of a female is still taken before men e.g. Siya-Ram, Radha-Krishna, Meenakshi-Sundareshwar. While we’re far behind in rape statistics, some people don’t let go of an opportunity to ruin India’s name on the world map. But amidst all these, still, there’re cities where a woman is safe even at 3 AM in the night. But beware, some people won’t ever focus on this fact.

Nevertheless, we need to curb this nuisance against women and move ahead. For this we need to have a mindset that no one else can build for us; it’s a DIY project.

Well, do you see the contrast? Do you see both the sides and not just one?

I come from an India that’s the largest democracy in the world. Everyone has extreme freedom to say whatever comes into their minds. If you don’t believe me, just search the internet. Everyone has extreme freedom to do whatever they want. If you don’t believe me, go out on the streets.

India has never witnessed so much freedom in the recent past yet people say there’s no freedom. Some even say that we live in tyranny but if you want to know what it’s like to live in a country consisting of tyrant leaders, watch this documentary on Netflix.

I come from an India that has progressive journalism. There’re a plethora of good journalists doing good job. One just needs an open eye and mind to watch out for it. Sadly, most of us are blind and some are even dead. Nevertheless, the good part is that good things are continuing to happen while some sleep.

BTW, if you’re fed up with TV, check The Logical Indian for a change.

I come from an India that has the largest population of youth in the whole world. I’m so glad about this treasure. I’m also glad that we’ve got old leaders to guide us with their massive experience and wisdom.

We’ve got great leadership!

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of these old leaders who had old ideas of sanitation, self-reliance, women empowerment, justice, world peace, and compassionate communication. These were the same ideas that were promoted by Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and many more great leaders.

If most of the youth of our country had the vision like these old leaders, we wouldn’t have required them to bring forth basic campaigns like Clean India. If Digital India wasn’t promoted at the right time, it would have been extremely difficult to survive the pandemic.

Change is violent.

During my 4-years-old sabbatical I worked selflessly for nation-building with various voluntary groups, NGOs, and government departments. Together, we could achieve miraculous results for public development. All of the causes I worked was under the guidance of these old leaders who have a grand philosophy and vision for nation-building.

I come from an India where I’m glad to have these old leaders as our guiding force while most of the young population is hoodwinked in social media and busy graduating from WhatsApp University. I also come from the same India where I’ve worked with some wise youth who are doing stunning work in different areas of public development.

Well, do you see the contrast? Do you see both the sides and not just one?

I come from an India where people don’t even understand any clause of the constitution in-depth, a verse from their religious book, or a law brought forward by the leaders but will go to any extent to debate or even fight over it without any prior knowledge. All of this when all data about everything is available on the internet for free.

We’re a busy country. People don’t have time for details.

Nevertheless, it’s not that bad. We’re fortunate to have a huge population who’s still doing their research and choosing their response.

I come from an India where like everywhere else it’s easy and comfortable to look at the bad and negative and difficult to look at the good and bright side. As I said before, India is a land of contrast, you’ll find right-wrong, good-bad happening at the same time.

BTW, if you’re fed up with watching bad or negative news, check The Better India to learn where this great land is going. You might be shocked to see that the country is moving far ahead and you’re quite behind.

Well, do you see the contrast? Do you see both the sides and not just one?

I come from an India where Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Paris, Buddhists, Jews, and countless tribal populations live together in peace. They hold each other hand time-to-time, they walk ahead in life, look up at the sky not just to see petrol prices. They also notice population explosion, pollution, poverty, unemployment, etc.

Most of them ignore doing anything personally. The best is to blame the leaders. But some of them join the ground and work for it. This is the best thing about India that while others are busy making satirical videos about the sad state of the country, many young and old changemakers are bringing social transformation.

I come from an India that needs major transformation. It must happen from all sides. Small changes can have big ripples. We’ve always been the land of transformation.

  • Angulimala: A deadly killer transformed into a sage
  • Aurobindo: A political rebel, transformed into a spiritual master
  • Valmiki: A dacoit transformed into a writer of an epic

The stories are countless.

When you blame you surrender the power to change. How many people are becoming the change they want to see in the world?

I come from an India where we don’t judge until we’re perfect. So, who are we to judge our elders? It’s important and good to question but I think, self-introspection comes first.

I come from an India where self-introspection is spiritual culture. I come from an India that’s more spiritual than religious.

Cautionary measure

We’re a country of 130+ billion people. Were a country of 130+ billion perspectives. Don’t let a few people build your perspective.

Some people have their agenda. They won’t ever show you a full picture. They’ll feed you with half-baked information and ignite the innocent and naïve part in you to do or believe something radical; whether it’s religion, politics or anything else.

Open your mind, go out, watch carefully, discuss with wise people, volunteer on the ground with your local leaders, then decide which India you come from. Don’t believe anything and everything that’s on social media.


Like every developing country, India has its unique challenges due to its diversity in various aspects. Not that we’ve got the best leader but you can’t clap with one hand. Nation-building is a project that has to be carried out with help of the leadership and common people; together.

Enough of ताली and गाली. It’s time to be the change.

There’s a good story to every bad story you hear. It’s not so difficult to find out the other side of the story either. In the age of the internet, everything is possible. You just need time on hand and an open mind.

I come from an India that’s exclusively one with different perspectives of 130+ billion people. It may seem like two sides but it’s still two sides of the same coin. The different side isn’t the opposite, it’s complimentary, and one can’t exist without each other.

A lot of good has happened!

5 thoughts on “I Come From One India, a United India

  1. All thoughts well mannered thoughtfull Self realisation but not only glad but BE proud of you as great friend & as Bharat aka India. I spontaneously went nostalgia of song sung by Mahendra Kapoor & legend Manoj Kumar Mr.BHARAT … It’s pretty similar..ONLY Change Yourself As I changed from not only Glad but to be PROUD OF continuously TrANSFoRMiG..ONe UNITed NAtIOn INDiA.

    …जब जीरो दिया मेरे भारत ने, भारत ने मेरे भारत ने,
    दुनिया को तब गिनती आई।
    तारों की भाषा भारत ने, दुनिया को पहले सिखलाई।
    देता न दशमलव भारत तो, यूँ चाँद पे जाना मुश्किल था ।
    धरती और चाँद की दूरी का अंदाजा लगाना मुश्किल था ॥
    सभ्यता जहाँ पहले आई, पहले जन्मी हैं जहाँ पे कला ।
    अपना भारत वो भारत है, जिस के पीछे संसार चला ।
    संसार चला और आगे बड़ा, यूँ आगे बड़ा, बढता ही गया,
    भगवान् करे यह और बड़े, बढता ही रहे और फूले फले ॥

    है प्रीत जहाँ की रीत सदा, मैं गीत वहां के गाता हूँ ।
    भारत का रहना हूँ, भारत की बात सुनाता हूँ ॥

    काले गोरे का भेद नहीं हर दिल से हमारा नाता है ।
    कुछ और ना आता हो हमको हमें प्यार निभाना आता है ।
    जिसे मान चुकी सारी दुनिया मैं बात वोही दोहराता हूँ ॥

    जीते हो किसी ने देश तो क्या हमने तो दिलों को जीता है ।
    जहाँ राम अभी तक है नर में, नारी में अभी तक सीता है ।
    इतने पावन हैं लोग जहाँ, मैं नित नित शीश झुकाता हूँ ॥

    इतनी ममता नदियों को भी जहाँ माता कह के बुलाते हैं ।
    इतना आदर इंसान तो क्या पत्थर भी पूजे जातें है ।

      1. ॥ ज्ञानेश्वरी भावार्थदीपिका अध्याय ९ ॥

        ॥ॐ श्री परमात्मने नमः ॥

        अध्याय नववा ।

        राजविद्याराजगुह्ययोगः ।

        तरी अवधान एकलें दीजे । मग सर्वसुखासि पात्र होईजे । हें प्रतिज्ञोत्तर माझें । उघड ऐका ॥१॥

        परी प्रौढी न बोलों हो जी । तुम्हां सर्वज्ञांच्या समाजीं । देयावें अवधान हे माझी । विनवणी सलगीची ॥२॥

        कां जे लळेयांचे लळे सरती । मनोरथांचे मनोरथ पुरती । जरी माहेरें श्रीमंतें होती । तुम्हां ऐसीं ॥३॥

        तुमचे या दिठिवेयाचिये वोलें । सासिन्नले प्रसन्नतेचे मळे । ते साउली देखोनि लोळें । श्रांतु जी मी ॥४॥

        प्रभू तुम्ही सुखामृताचे डोहो । म्हणौनि आम्हीं आपुलिया स्वेच्छा वोलावो लाहों । येथही जरी सलगी करूं बिहों । तरी निवों कें पां ? ॥५॥

        One may be PROUD but with humility as per our culture as saint Dnyaneshwar is proud of marathi and says stanza 2
        परि प्रौढी न बोलों हो जी । तुम्हां सर्वज्ञांच्या समाजीं । देयावें अवधान हे माझी । विनवणी सलगीची ॥२॥
        माझा मराठाचीबोलू कौतुके। परि अमृतातेहि पैजासी जिंके। ऐसी अक्षरे रसिके। मेळवीन।।

  2. I like it. Balanced view.

    It reminds me of the pledge:
    “…I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage… ”

    Bhalchandra Awadhoot Naik

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