Meaning Of My Name


There is an interesting story behind my name. In 2000, I wanted to dome something exciting to welcome the new millennium and also wanted to own a name that can suit my persona better. I started hunting names day and night and finally found this Sanskrit name while researching the epic Mahabharata.

The great sage Agastya is a very popular figure in the Vedic history. He was a great scholar and one of the pioneers of Ayurveda and the ancient system of Indian predictions through thumb impression. There are many stories on his legacy on the internet.

But that was not what inspired to select this name. The actual meaning of the word itself is the doer of impossible or a person that does things that no one else does. 

And this exactly what I consistently keep doing in my life. I always challenge myself and go out of the comfort zone and do things that seems impossible for others but are quite easy in real life; by the grace of my creator!