Don’t Stop Your Child From Doing This

Don’t stop your child because every child is a genius and is gifted. It’s only about realizing that gift, and parents can be instrumental in doing so — big-time!

I visited Ranjit Jha for a project and got quite inspired by the walls in his home. He never stops his child from painting the walls. In fact, children need a huge canvas to express their creativity.

When I was a child, my parents never allowed me to do this but I feel that by allowing your child to use the walls as their canvas can be a great tool to bring out their imagination.

Remember, the great scientist Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Observe, how little Rudra has created his magic on the wall. The lines and shapes tell a story — only if you have the vision to see it. It’s just a lovely piece of art and makes the walls look so beautiful. The innocent and fresh energy of the child brings out a loving-kind atmosphere in the home.

Children are creative — don’t stop them. Let them spread their creativity in all forms, everywhere. I suggest that we should encourage our children to express their art anywhere they want.

Nothing will happen. It’s just a wall.


Let them play with colors. Let them experiment with their expression. Set them free and let them go wild with their imagination. You never know how huge a tree will rupture from a tiny seed. After all, a good parent is one who encourages their child in every step of life.

For me, such a wall is a wall-of-joy.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Your Child From Doing This

  1. WoW, it’s really creative.
    This is d height of patience n involvement of d parents to allow the child to b creative.
    Its very easy to give comments n appreciate such moves by being outside, Absolute tolerance n mind boggling restraint is reqd to b exercised for allowing such creative work.
    Just wait for d flower to bloom n see d beautiful garden!

    Tantrums n high pressure arguments r expected within fraction of seconds on seeing d slightest deviation from norms.

    I highly appreciate d parents for giving space to Rudra n congratulate Rudra for d original designing n having such parents!!!

    Suhaas P Pabalkar

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