Parents Are the Best Teachers

parents are the best teachers

Parents are the ones accountable for providing the needs of their children like love, attention, support, material things, and most of all knowledge. Parents are certainly the best teacher of their children; they give knowledge in several ways:

First, they’re the ones who train their child to talk at an early age. Mama, Papa was the first word to utter. It was also the moment where the child learned to connect and express what she or he feels about things around him or her.

Second, they’re also responsible for the loco-motors development of their child’s body. The first two steps of their child for walking were facile because of the helping hand patience and enthusiasm gave by them.

Third, parents are accountable for helping their child in their first day in school, they teach how to write their names, how to read the ABC, how to sing the various nursery rhymes, how to count and how to deal with his or her classmates and teachers.

Fourth, Parents teach their children to show altruism even in times of distress. They were responsible for shaping their child’s character as well as beliefs in life, especially when the adolescence period of their children.

This is the best time for the parents to guide and help their children to build their character as the saying goes — A CHILD IS A PARENT TO HUMAN stating that the parent’s character is very significant in molding the character of their child.

Lastly, parents teach their children to befriend God in their life, because having God in life is very important and this will make us a better person.

Parents teach a lot of things from the first step to walk, first words to say, first time to face challenges in life, and develop a love for God in their life. Because of the above points, indeed our parents are the best teacher in the world.

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