100 Ways to Have Fun With Your Children

I thought it would be useful to list some ways to have fun with your children without spending a lot of money:

  1. Have a reading marathon
  2. Write stories together
  3. Play soccer
  4. Paint or draw together
  5. Create a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxes
  6. Go on a hike
  7. Have a sunset picnic at a park or beach
  8. Play board games
  9. Play kickball
  10. Get up early, pack breakfast, and have a sunrise breakfast
  11. Go to a museum
  12. Go to a playground
  13. Play hide-and-seek
  14. Have a pillow fight
  15. Ride bikes
  16. Build sandcastles
  17. Rent an online movie and make popcorn
  18. Tell stories
  19. Have a scavenger hunt
  20. Make mazes or puzzles for each other to solve
  21. Play card games
  22. Garden together
  23. Bake cookies
  24. Go to the zoo
  25. Go to the library
  26. Shop at a thrift shop
  27. Create a blog together
  28. Create a scrapbook
  29. Make a movie using a camcorder and computer
  30. Learn to play music
  31. Fingerpaint
  32. Make play dough from scratch
  33. Make homemade mini pizzas
  34. Buy popsicles
  35. Make hand-painted T-shirts
  36. Set up a hammock, make lemonade, relax
  37. Go to a pool
  38. Go to a public place, people watch, and make up imaginary stories about people
  39. Visit family
  40. Write letters to family
  41. Paint or decorate the children room
  42. Make milkshakes
  43. Play freeze tag
  44. Create a treasure hunt for them
  45. Decorate a pair of jeans
  46. Do a science experiment
  47. Play games online
  48. Teach them to play chess
  49. Learn magic tricks
  50. Create a family book, with information and pictures about each family member
  51. Fly kites
  52. Go snorkeling
  53. Barbecue
  54. Volunteer
  55. Donate stuff to charity
  56. Compete in a three-legged or other race
  57. Create an obstacle course
  58. Pitch a tent and sleep outside with marshmallows
  59. Roast marshmallows
  60. Play loud music and dance crazy
  61. Write and produce a play
  62. Paint each other’s faces
  63. Have a water balloon fight
  64. Have a gun-fight with those foam dart guns
  65. Explore your yard and look for insects
  66. Go for a walk and explore the neighborhood
  67. Go jogging
  68. Take pictures of nature
  69. Play a trivia game
  70. Make up trivia questions about each other
  71. Make hot cocoa
  72. Play home-home
  73. Decorate the house with decorations you make
  74. Make popsicles
  75. Play school-school
  76. Do shadow puppets
  77. Make a comic book
  78. Play in the rain
  79. Make mud pies
  80. Blow bubbles
  81. Take turns saying tongue twisters
  82. Sing songs
  83. Tell ghost stories in the dark with a flashlight
  84. Build stuff with Lego
  85. Give them a bubble bath
  86. Play with squirt guns
  87. Play video games together
  88. Play cricket
  89. Make bubbles
  90. Build a rocket from a kit
  91. Bake a cake and decorate it
  92. Play dress-up
  93. Thumb-wrestle, play mercy, or have a tickle fight
  94. Make a gingerbread house, or decorate gingerbread men
  95. Learn and tell each other jokes
  96. Play basketball
  97. Learn to juggle
  98. Walk barefoot in the grass and pick flowers
  99. Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest
  100. Prank call their grandparents, using disguised, humorous voices

Let me know how did it go!

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