Your Child Is a Slow Learner Not Dumb

slow learner

In our society, the term SLOW LEARNER is generally regarded in a critical sense. Due importance isn’t given to SLOW LEARNERS, and the situation is considered to be the result of a child’s mischief and obstinacy.

Negative comments such as disinterested, dreamy, loser, dumb affect a child’s learning process and result in a dark future for children.

A SLOW LEARNER is not a analytical category, it’s a term to describe a student who can learn necessary academic skills, but at rate and depth below average same-age peers.

There seems to be a consensus that if someone is slow, they’re probably not very bright.

There’s more to life than simply increasing its speed. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Research has found no reliable link between speed and intelligence, and in fact, some research even suggests that taking extra time to learn can result in information being treated more deeply and with greater accuracy.

Don’t let speed get in the way of good learning. Fast doesn’t always equal smart, and slowly doesn’t necessarily mean stupid; it all comes down to how you learn best.

Find your child’s strength and focus on that over their weakness.

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