दया की शक्ति

दया की परिभाषा क्या है ? अधिकतर लोग ये कहते है दयालु होना यानि दूसरों के लिए कुछ अच्छा करना | कुछ ये भी कहते है के दयालु होना यानी खुद पर दया करना होता है | क्या दयालु होना मुश्किल है ? जी नहीं | आसान है | दया क्या है ? मैत्री, सज्जनता, … Continue reading दया की शक्ति

The Power Of Little Acts Of Kindness

How do you define kindness? Most people would intuitively answer that being kind means doing nice things for other people. Others might add that kindness includes being kind to oneself. Is it difficult to be kind? No. It's easy. It's so easy that sometimes we do not realize how simple it can be. What is … Continue reading The Power Of Little Acts Of Kindness

The Case Of My 4-Year-Long Sabbatical

Not everyone wants a break in their career and the thought of taking a sabbatical may have never entered your head. But if it has, then do consider the reasons it might benefit you: Shake things up: Frequently people want to break free from a rut they feel they are in. Rather than just taking time … Continue reading The Case Of My 4-Year-Long Sabbatical