The Case of My 4-Year-Long Sabbatical


Not everyone wants a break in their career and the thought of taking a sabbatical may have never entered your head. But if it has, then do consider the reasons it might benefit you:

  1. Shake things up: Frequently people want to break free from a rut they feel they are in. Rather than just taking time off, sabbaticals can rejuvenate a career and allow for more purpose on your return.
  2. Make a difference: Many sabbaticals revolve around charity work or voluntary projects that’ll have a lasting impact in disadvantaged parts of the world. If your job doesn’t afford such opportunities, then a sabbatical may do.
  3. Gain experience: This is a key reason for ambitious people who cannot gain the skills they need in their job. A sabbatical can allow you time to retrain, perhaps whilst taking part in a project outside of your usual experience.
  4. Discover other cultures: Sabbaticals often involve travel which can lead to cultural experiences in their own right. It can also mean working in new and different ways which will help you in your job down the line.
  5. Get educated: A popular reason for a sabbatical is to study. Many people take the opportunity to continue their learning or to fill in gaps in their education.
  6. Improve your health: For people with certain long-term conditions, a sabbatical can allow for a good deal of rejuvenation. Rest and relaxation are often needed to recover from certain medical treatments and a career break may fit the bill.
  7. It is better than quitting: People who want time away from their job sometimes feel that sabbatical allows them to. Of course, whether or not they have a job to return to usually depends on their employer.

The recession of 2008 laid the foundation of my 4-year sabbatical. There was something wrong with the world, rather something wrong in me that had to explored and transformed. There was so much to learn out of the golden cage I was in. The 4-year sabbatical from 2013 to 2017 had to be in the design of my life for the following reasons:

  1. Give a lot of time for my dying parents
  2. Work on my physical and mental health
  3. Become a more sensible, sensitive and better person
  4. Travel and expand the horizon of perspective
  5. Unlearn everything till date
  6. Learn values of life — forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and gratitude
  7. Understand the concept of money, wealth and prosperity
  8. Do various online and offline courses on psychology, technology, neuroscience, happiness, health, self-development, and ancient wisdom, etc.
  9. Read a lot of ancient scripture and scientific manuals
  10. Learn social media, smart education, and social service
  11. Explore the human potential to serve humanity with random acts of kindness
  12. Make new friends across the globe; meet inspiring change-makers
  13. Work on an inner and social transformation
  14. Hear and write a lot of stories
  15. Become a better leader

And believe me, after this 4-year long sabbatical, I’m a new human. Full of positive energy, ideas, innovation, loving-kindness, and a lot of inspiring blog posts. Do feel free to connect with me if you want to learn more about taking the sabbatical part.

3 thoughts on “The Case of My 4-Year-Long Sabbatical

  1. Just nothing to say, need 2 hours to feel it. Your strong words have positive vibrations

  2. Just nothing to say, need 2 hours to feel it. Your strong words have positive vibrations

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