In Conversation With — A Money-Rich Man

Recently, I visited a billionaire to record his video testimony for a project.  I don’t know what happened, but he suddenly started some out-of-the-context conversation. Do you like my mansion?Yes, almost.What do you mean A-L-M-O-S-T?Almost means, nothing can be achieved 100%.Do you know how much this home costs?No idea.It’s worth billions.Wait, I’ll show you my … Continue reading In Conversation With — A Money-Rich Man

In Conversation With — A Garbage Collector

I met this garbage collector many days ago. I can’t forget the moments we spent together. He was such a gentleman and we had a spectacular conversation. What are you collecting?Garbage.Oh, you sell plastic and earn, is it?Yes, I'm poor rag-picker, Sir.My name is not SIR. I've got a name.How much do you earn by … Continue reading In Conversation With — A Garbage Collector

In Conversation With — Hair Color

I’d been to the saloon the other day. Every-time I go to the staff, one of them is always after my life to color my hair. This time something different happened. While I was waiting for my turn for a haircut, I had a striking conversation with the hair color kit sitting in front of … Continue reading In Conversation With — Hair Color

In Conversation With — God

I'd always been complaining and blaming that the almighty never listens to me. To my surprise, for the first time, we'd a striking conversation. I kept searching for you but couldn’t find you. You cheated me.You kept searching for me only in the temple, mosque, church, etc. while I was always beside you. You cheated … Continue reading In Conversation With — God

In Conversation With — A Matchstick

I burnt a matchstick the other day, I can’t tell for what, but I noticed one very interesting thing and I couldn’t resist talking to it. The result was a wicked but inspiring conversation. Why are you so angry all the time?Who me? No, I don’t think so.Yes, you. You've got such a hothead. The … Continue reading In Conversation With — A Matchstick

In Conversation With—A Blind Man

I met a blind man who was struggling to cross a road.  I came to rescue, and we started talking. We introduced each other and exchanged few thoughts about the situation of the city, law, order, pollution etc. While I was talking to him, I was thinking about so many things that keep changing in … Continue reading In Conversation With—A Blind Man

In Conversation With—A Centipede

I was watching this centipede for long. It was moving fast between stones. We had a striking conversation. Mr. Human, can you move like me? In rough terrains? No, I can't. Poor you. feeble specie. Mr. Centipede, can you do computer graphics? No. Can you travel in Mumbai local train? No. We all are so … Continue reading In Conversation With—A Centipede