In Conversation With — A Money-Rich Man

Recently, I visited a billionaire to record his video testimony for a project.  I don’t know what happened, but he suddenly started some out-of-the-context conversation.

Do you like my mansion?

Yes, almost.

What do you mean A-L-M-O-S-T?

Almost means, nothing can be achieved 100%.

Do you know how much this home costs?

No idea.

It’s worth billions.

Wait, I’ll show you my cars. Come.


See the fleet?


I’ve 10 servants to serve me day and night.

You mean, do you consider humans as servants? I thought that was an ancient concept.

Nonsense. They’re all my servants.

See all this luxury, son. I earned it.

Nice. But your eyes say something and your lips say something else.

Bullshit! Are you mad? Look at all I have. People don’t have enough to eat and I party day and night.  People don’t have water to drink and I possess this huge swimming pool. This is my success and I’m happy.

Nice. But you call all these little things success and happiness?


Who’s there to talk to you?

No one.

Where are your children?

In the USA.

I think this is the last line he spoke before pushing me out of his home. I don’t know what ignited anger in him but I’m still wondering what do all these little things mean success and happiness? I think — maybe — he’s just a man with lots of money and nothing else, but it’s quite subjective.

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  1. Hi Agastya, success is a subjective stuff. It differs from person to person. For some it may be money and for some relationships. Keep expressing! Keep writing!

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