In Conversation With—Hair Color

I had been to saloon the other day. Every-time I go the staff, one of them is always after my life to color my hair. This time something different happened. While I was waiting for my turn for a haircut, I had a striking conversation with the hair color kit sitting in front of me:

Let me color your hair?

But it’s already black? Right?

No no, I can see many white hairs. Let’s color them.

But white is also a color right?

You’re right in a way but people usually hide their white hairs.

And, why is it?

They don’t want to look old—grown up, that’s why?

But I want to look old—rather a grown up. Besides color has nothing to do with age.

Oops, you’re a weird man!

Indeed, I am.

I don’t understand why people are in constant quest for looking young, and that too by hiding their hair color. Although, it’s quite personal choice but what’s wrong with accepting age with grace? Besides, youth this a state of mind, a vision and a mental culture. I feel strange when we tag black with young age and white with old age. Ridiculous.


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