In Conversation With—A Blind Man

I met a blind man who was struggling to cross a road.  I came to rescue, and we started talking. We introduced each other and exchanged few thoughts about the situation of the city, law, order, pollution etc. While I was talking to him, I was thinking about so many things that keep changing in my life—from a money-monger to social servant and spiritual seeker. But, whatever, the conversation was striking, at many levels, and it went something like this:

Can I help you cross the road?

No, I think I can manage

Well, let me be with you. I am observing you from sometime, you’re having problems

Actually, yes, thank you brother.

Are you blind since birth or some accident?

No, no, not blind my birth. I had an accident recently and lost my eyesight.

Well, my case is opposite. I was blind all this while, just gained my eyesight.

Hahaha, you’re a funny man, dear stranger.

Indeed, I am, dear friend. Here you’re—other side of the road.

Where are you going?

I am still figuring that out.

This was one of the most memorable conversations and meeting of my life. I’ll always remember this blind friend who gave me the insight to look within and see the truth. Good lesson for me.

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