In Conversation With — God

I’d always been complaining and blaming that the almighty never listens to me. To my surprise, for the first time, we’d a striking conversation.

I kept searching for you but couldn’t find you. You cheated me.

You kept searching for me only in the temple, mosque, church, etc. while I was always beside you. You cheated yourself.

I spent endless days and nights to praise you. You’re the one, isn’t it?

But you divided me into numerous pieces, isn’t it?

Looks like you’re partial to the few rich? Please make me richer.

You’re earning well by cheating everyone, isn’t that enough?

Please give me more.

You’ve got millions in your bank account, isn’t that enough?

I want more things — I feel unhappy.

Happiness isn’t in things, it’s inside you.

I pray for the warrior goddess for 9 days during the festival, can’t you see it?

Her vehicle — tiger — is on verge of extinction, can’t you see it?

Which is your best form? To whom should I pray?

I’m one dear, only one.

You know, I won an award this time, did you see it?

Yes, you bought it, I saw it.

What to do? Everyone’s corrupted.

This isn’t between you and them, it’s between you and me.

Corruption has spoiled me, I wasn’t like this.

You’ve been like this since time immemorial. You’re one of my failed experiments.

I ran here and there but you never showered your blessings on me. You were never there for me.

You ran here and there but never looked inside your heart. I was always there.

You do good for others, but not for me.

I do everything good for you.

You never answer my prayer.

I do, many-a-time the answer is no.

I don’t know what to say — was it a dream or my mind playing its trick on me — but the conversation has shaken me up. I hope, I can do better and be prepared for a better conversation next time.

Do pray for me, please.

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  1. I remember that Tagore had written this sentence in his work:”God’s great power is in the gentle breeze, not in the storm.” Pray…All the best!

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