Royal Driver

This story is surely going to astound you! I never knew that such a story even existed in my city. Come, come, come, and join me on a joy ride!

Chandrashekhar is the driver of my ex-boss. I met him after many years and now, his job is even more interesting. He’s now the driver to the stepmother of Ratan N. Tata — ex-Chairman of Tata group of companies.

He’s a man with a smile on his face. I met him when I was very young and we used to chat at length about being a driver to a wealthy man. But, this time he has broken all the records and joined the family of the wealthiest people in India; or maybe the whole of Earth.

It so happened that my ex-boss is a neighbor to Mr. Tata and he remains in the US for most of the year, so Simone Tata requested him to gift his driver. This is how he joined the family.

It’s an honor to work for lady Tata.

The world of affluent families is completely different and crazy. I met him in the building where Simone Tata stays — fondly called Tata House but actually, it’s a simple housing society in South Mumbai.

He welcomed me warmly and introduced me to his gang of friends who were drivers of other affluent families of Mumbai. We’d lunch together and talked about sweet-sour experiences of their driving life. I was also lucky to have a sneak-peek into the apartment.

Although I didn’t inquire about details, it was a unique opportunity for me to meet such a person who is surely one of the chosen ones and like Lord Krishna, the royal man on the wheel.

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