43 Underrated Attractions of Mumbai

Mumbai may be the commercial capital of the country, but it doesn’t just draw business travelers. Hordes of tourists flock to this city to marvel at its skyscrapers and admire its magnificent historic monuments.

Mumbai has a lot to offer, beyond the usual tourist attractions, so the next time you are in the city, dig a little deeper. The city is filled with underrated attractions that most tourists rarely see.

Where on one hand, there are a lot of places in Mumbai to be, on the other, we’re tired of people visiting the mainstream ones. This blog post here is to encourage all you people, to explore the many other and even better corners of the city.

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1. Aarey Milk Colony


It’s a neighborhood situated in Goregaon. It was established in 1949 to revolutionize the processing and marketing of dairy products in the city. It’s fondly called The Lungs of Mumbai because most of it is declared as forest area. Inside, you can see many villages. It’s a green forest within a concrete one!

2. Amarsons Garden


Situated in Breach Candy, this is a well-maintained park that features super greenery, labeled trees, large animal replicas on a nature trail, a chessboard inbuilt into a concrete table, and age-specific zones for equipment that have been designed to test cognitive and physical skills. To top it all, this park has a sea view too.

3. Banganga Tank


It’It’s an ancient water tank that’s part of the Walkeshwar Temple Complex in Malabar Hill. The tank today is a rectangular pool structure surrounded by steps on all four sides. The tank is spring-fed and so its water remains sweet, despite being located only a few dozen meters away from the sea. Apart from being a cultural hub, the place over the years has inspired many artists, be it on film or canvas.

4. Boot House


Inspired by the famous nursery rhyme — there was an old woman who wived in a shoe — this structure in Malabar Hill is popular among kids and they love to go up and down the house enjoying their playtime.

5.Carter Road Promenade


Nestled amid one of Mumbai’s poshest localities, in Bandra, this place is bang opposite the Arabian Sea and serves the most lip-smacking delicacies you will come across in town. With several eating joints, serving many cuisines, lined on either side, this stretch is the place to be for foodies.

6. Mini Kashmir


For all those looking for heaven and tranquillity in the hustle bustle and clamor of Mumbai, this is the place to visit. A perfect picnic spot, in Goregaon, the garden, and lake are the place for all age groups. Whether coming with family, friends, or partners, this place promises you to complete peace. Here, you’ll surely encounter a genuine feeling of serenity.

7. Chinese and Japense Temple


Up to the 1960s, Mumbai had a small Chinatown. After the 1962 war, most Chinese were viewed as traitors and left the town. Currently, Mumbai has a small ethnic Chinese population of 400 families. The Chinese Temple is located at Mazagaon.


Possibly the only surviving Japanese temple in Mumbai, Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple in Worli stands out amidst the mundane sights of the city. The calming and peaceful atmosphere is immediately overwhelming after stepping into the temple area from the main road. The traffic, the noise exchanged for quiet and greenery. It’s a strange scenario; one minute you’re surrounded by the honking cars, and the next minute the tall white structure somehow makes it all go away. The temple area is like a silent zone of the library only to be disturbed by an occasional fluttering of the birds that flow onto the surrounding trees.

8. Chuim And Ranwar Village


There’re hardly any of us who aren’t awestruck by the contrast of serenity as well as glamour that this place has to offer. But many of us only know Bandra as a cool, happening place, and everyone wants a part of it. The old villages of Bandra are hidden behind the tall buildings and shopping malls of the area.

9. Congress House


The area popularly is just a group of buildings close to what is now a residential block. It’s near Grant Road station and is a not so popular brothel. Everyone usually visits Kamathipura but this place is unique and has its own story. it’s dangerous to go here, be careful.

10. Crawford Market


Built-in 1869, this is one of the most popular markets of Mumbai. Located in Dhobi Talao, the market houses a wholesale fruit, vegetable, and poultry market. One end of the market is a pet store. Different varieties of dogs, cats, and birds can be found in this area. Also, endangered species are illegally sold there.

11. Dadar Flower Market


The colorful flower market in Dadar is a sight early in the morning. Its madness can rub off on you, the narrow lane a challenge but the colors soothe your eyes as you make your way, bargaining and hoarding on as much as you can.

12. Dana Pani Beach


Located in Malad, this beach is very nice and so beautiful place. It’s far from the main road and only a private vehicle can reach here. Planning for a date? This is heaven!

13. Dharavi Slum


Situated between Sion and Bandra, it’s probably Asia’s biggest slum.  The slum was founded in 1883 during the British colonial era and grew in part because of the expulsion of factories and residents from the peninsular city center by the colonial government, and the migration of poor rural Indians into urban Mumbai. It’s a different universe in itself and many tour operators offer a trip inside this universe. But it’s completely safe to go inside — people are welcoming and kind.

14. Dongri Kite Market


Kites are in demand, and all year long in Mumbai and this is the only organized market to buy all sorts of kites. This market situated in Sandhurst Road houses many shops to buy kites.

15. Ferry Wharf


This is a wharf along the coast of Dockyard Road on the eastern seafront of Mumbai. The wharf serves as the port for numerous fishermen who bring in their daily catch. if you want to buy fresh fish and ride a ferry, this is the place for you.

16. Five Gardens and Dadar Parsi Colony


This posh area in Matunga is part of the famous Parsi colony. This is the first planned area of the city with spaces allocated for residences, green spaces, schools, and colleges with proximity to transport infrastructure. You can witness some beautiful heritage Parsi homes in this part of the city. It’s mesmerizing!

17. Gaiwadi


It’s an old area in Girguam, near Charni Road. In this place, you can find buildings that are more than 100 years old. This is also the wholesale market of wedding card printers. Girgaum is an area to explore. Near to this place, you can visit the building where the first public Ganesh Festival started in Mumbai; in 1893.

18. Ghanteshwar Temple


This is a unique and less popular temple in Khar that’s dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple has thousands of bells.

19. Ghatkopar Khau Galli


Mumbai is famous for street food. You can find thousands of street food stalls but there’s no match for this food-lane in Ghatkopar. You must not have seen so much variety — in one place — your entire life. The best part is that it’s open till late into the night. If you’re planning to go here, please fast for a couple of days.

20. Gilbert Hill


The hill is a monolith column of black basalt rock at Andheri. The rock has a sheer vertical face and was formed when molten lava was squeezed out of the Earth’s clefts about 66 million years ago. The volcanic eruptions were also responsible for the destruction of plant and animal life during that era.

21. Global Vipassana Pagoda


The pagoda is a Buddhist meditation dome hall with a capacity to seat around 8,000 meditators near Gorai. The pagoda is to serve as a monument of peace and harmony.

22. Hasnabad Dargah


This is the Taj Mahal of Mumbai in Mazgaon. It was built by Aga Khan after arriving in Mumbai from Iran.  It isn’t a popular place for tourists but a must-visit place. The grandeur and architecture will amaze you. The architecture seen here is very peculiar. One surely gets a glimpse of the famous Mughal style of architecture that’s rare in Mumbai.

23. Holy Cross Chruch and Kurla Village


Built-in 1588, this church in Kurla is one of the oldest churches in Mumbai. Just opposite of the church is the old Christian village that is host to the last of East Indian families in the city.

24. Khotachiwadi Village


Founded in 1840, this is a heritage village in Girgaum. Houses generally conform to the old-Portuguese style architecture. This village is a UNESCO world heritage site.

25. Lamington Road


This road is famous for its wholesale and retail market in electronics goods. Shops on the street sell computer goods, electronic items, television equipment, and wireless equipment at rates much lower than the maximum retail price as they have a high turnover. They sell not only the latest computer-related items but even outdated electronic parts for radios like transistors, capacitors, cables, sound cards, TV tuners, and adaptors.

26. Maharashtra Nature Park


This not so popular green heaven is a mini forest that was created on an erstwhile dumping ground. It is great for picnics and bird watching. The park is located at the edge of Asia’s largest slum Dharavi and the locality’s bus depot is the best landmark to reach the park.

27. Mahakali Caves


Built between 1st century and 6th century BC, these caves are a group of 19 rock-cut monuments. It’s located near the junction between the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road in Andheri.

28. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat


This 140-year-old open-air laundromat is Mumbai’s biggest human-powered washing machine — every day hundreds of people beat the dirt out of thousands of kilograms of soiled Mumbai clothes and linen in 1026 open-air troughs. The best view is from the bridge across the railway tracks near Mahalaxmi train station.

29. Mani Bhavan


This historical building situated at Laburnum Road in the Gamdevi precinct of Mumbai was the focal point of Mahatma Gandhi’s political activities between 1917 and 1934. The mansion belonged to his friend and host in Mumbai during this period. There’s a staircase dotted with his pictures depicting his life leads visitors to the first floor which has a photo gallery with photographs from his childhood till his assassination. The room that he used during his stay there is on the second floor, where through a glass partition people can see two of his spinning wheels, a book, and his bed on the floor.

30. Mini Sabarimala


The temple, situated on a hillock surrounded by hills and valleys within the precincts of NCH Colony, Kanjurmarg, is the first ancient Ayyappa Temple outside Kerala state. A tiny stream originating from the vicinity adds the sanctity and beauty of the environment.

31. Mohammed Ali Road and Nagpada Street Food


If you’re a non-vegetarian food lover, you can’t miss this place in the southern part of Mumbai. This place is filled with delicious food varieties in various lanes that are open till late hours of the night.

32. Nehru Planetarium, Centre and Science Centre


The planetarium located in Worli was established to foster scientific temper through the means of edutainment. The planetarium has been making learning astronomy a pleasant experience.  It also has grown into a center for the scientific study of astronomy and a meeting of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures, arranged periodically on various stellar and astronomical events.


Next to it is the business center that also has a huge museum telling the tale of Indian history. Behind the business, the center is the science center. It has more than 500 hands-on and interactive science exhibits on energy, sound, kinematics, mechanics, transport, etc. installed in the science park and different galleries.

33. Nirvana Park


Amidst Mumbai Suburb, this park at Powai’s posh Hiranandani Gardens township should not be missed. The feeling inside the park is the blissful feeling between lush greenery and shades of trees, varieties of flora, a big pond with colorful fishes in groups, a green grass lawn, and a perfect place for children and love-birds.

34. PDP and Joggers Park


PDP Park in Napean Sea road and Jogger’s Park in Bandra are huge recreational and sports parks; just next to the beautiful Arabian Sea.

35. Powai Lake


Apart from the Arabian Sea, Mumbai has few water bodies that could serve as a sight of visual delight. This artificial lake located in the suburb of Powai is surely one. At a time, this lake was one of the sources of water for the city but the quality of water has degraded extensively and has been declared unfit to drink. Despite this, the lake continues to be a popular tourist spot.

36. Sasson Dock


This dock is one of the oldest docks in Mumbai. It’s one of the few docks in the city open to the public. It’s situated in the Mumbai harbor in Colaba and one of the largest fish markets in the city.

37. Scandal Point


This not so popular point is located in Breach Candy that is in the southern part of the city.  The area encompasses many famous landmarks throughout its long and winding stretch.  In olden times, the British soldiers used to hang out here with their girls while enjoying the sunset. This is how it got this name. It’s a must-visit place for those who are looking for a fun-filled day with family and friends.

38. Sewri Mangrove Park


It’s located near Sewri station at the harbor line in Mumbai. This park consists of 15 acres of mangroves in the mudflats. It’s also a well-known bird-watching spot where thousands of flamingos spend half the year.

39. Silver Beach


This beach is not so popular and quiet extension of the popular beach in Juhu. It’s much cleaner here. The beach and the park are ideal for an evening stroll for people-watching, or for meditating. And of course, the grand prize is the majestic sunset over the Arabian Sea.

40. US Club


This is the most beautiful corner of Mumbai. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, this club in Colaba is inside the Navy Nagar premise that belongs to the Indian defense forces. Civilians are not allowed inside unless accompanied by someone from the defense forces. But, I’m sure you can find out contact to enter this hidden paradise.

41. Versova Jetty


Want to ride a ferry? This is the place for you. There’re ferries round the clock from Verosva to Madh Island. The boat ride can be chaotic but it helps beat the city’s stress.

42. Worli Fishing Village


This 800+-year-old village in Worli is a time capsule in the modern city. The village belongs to the finishing communities of native Mumbai.  A surprise of temples and Catholic icons pop up nearly every turn. This is a matriarchal society and the women can be seen negotiating sales of fish brought in that morning.

43. Humpty-Dumpty near Vihar Lake

If you were born and brought up in Mumbai, you’ll remember going here for a school picnic. Vihar Lake is situated near Powai Lake and has this famous memorabilia of the legendary Humpty-Dumpty. The way to reach this place is equally fascinating through tribal villages.

Alright, this is it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy these places. Mumbai is huge city and it might take you years before you’ve seen it all.

Happy traveling!