Age Is Just a Number

This is just as true as you meet Mr. and Mrs. Gupta from Mumbai. They’re doing something that rarely young do. Both are running a community-learning center in one of the slums of their locality — Logic Community Center Welfare Association.

Prof. Dr. Amitabha Gupta is associated with IIT-B for about half a century. He was teaching and planned a different route for his life after retirement; actually, before that. He left a job in the US to serve in IIT-B. Such is his valor!

He has authored a couple of books and a popular name in the circle. He has converted one of his rooms into a huge library. On inquiry, he told that his father was influenced by the great Rabindranath Tagore and he even worked for him. That was one of the reasons for this strong academic influence along with a community service side.

Mrs. Chaitali Gupta, on the other hand, is a spiritual, goddess-like-mother-figure-like-woman. His family roots are also deep-rooted into culture, traditions, and community service. She is a master artist and a cool teacher.

The children love her.

This elderly couple is an example of courage, willpower, and sensitivity towards existence. They’ve written their life for service and together, inspiring a lot of others in the field. The community-learning center provides free education in the field of Mathematics, Science, English, and Computers for school students. A couple of philanthropists and corporate companies back their good work.

Growing old is compulsory but growing up is optional. Very few people in this world attempt this one. In this time, when many elderly people are planning to lead a peaceful retired life, Mr. and Mrs. Gupta are fighting the odds of life to provide better and value education to hundreds of less fortunate children.

I’m glad that India is full of young people who are making difference and few elderly people like them who are trying harder for the promised good days.

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