15 Simple Ways to Live a Truly Happy Life

Authentic happiness is the meaning and the ultimate meaning and purpose of life.

A big house or an expensive car won’t make you happier; it’s the simple joys in life that bring true happiness. Here’re 15 simple ways to live a happier life:

  1. Do what you love
  2. Help others
  3. Be thankful
  4. Share with others
  5. Smile more
  6. Exercise
  7. Consult a life coach
  8. Find ways to manage stress
  9. Eat healthily
  10. Spend time with your loved ones
  11. Be realistic; neither positive nor negative
  12. Give more gifts
  13. Forgive
  14. Reconnect with mother nature
  15. Be yourself

This recipe does work; almost every time. I promise.

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