A Mother’s Last 3 Wishes Before Dying

I lost my parents in 2015. Mother was terminally ill at the time of death; in fact, she was in a coma for a month before leaving for her final journey. Although she died — biologically — on 24th March, 2015, I saw her dying every moment; right in front of my eyes every day.

In the hospital, there was nothing to do except wait — for the final news — or think about the journey I’d with her. And sometimes, about her journey from the cradle to deathbed.


She was born at a very violent time; the partition of India. Although she was lucky to have not witnessed the tempest, she had some genetic memory of the whole incident; from her parents.


After the partition, she was raised in Old Delhi. She completed her graduation in the home since with much difficulty and after marriage, she shifted to Mumbai to stay with my father. They both had extremely difficult times for many years.

We were from an average economical background and she had to sacrifice many of her dreams in the battle of raising us. And me, I was never an obedient child as such.

After 2005, my life was in top-gear and I was on the ninth cloud. I never forgot my old days of struggle, poverty, and scarcity. So, as I became financially independent and pseudo-wealthy, I decided to make my wealth work for my mother because she had given all she had.

She never asked anything but one day I came to know about a few of her wishes. And these wishes were so strong that she hoped them to happen once before she died. This became one of my pertinent and urgent goals of life.

wagon r.jpg

Her first wish was to own a car someday. All her life she had traveled on a local bus and train. The first thing I did after acquiring wealth was to gift her a small car. I also kept a driver so my parents can travel comfortably. The car was there with them till their end.

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Her second wish was to wear a diamond ring someday. She had gifted a diamond ring to my sister at her wedding but she didn’t make one for her. I planned a surprise for her on her 60th birthday. I bought her a small diamond ring and asked my father to put it on her finger. Her joys knew no bounds that night. The ring has come back to me after her death.

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Her third and last wish was to meet the most popular Bollywood actor of all time. She was an ardent fan of Big B and wanted to meet him once before dying. This was the most difficult task because I don’t have much contact in the film industry.

For many years I tried to find a contact but all in vain. I had almost lost hope but somehow my friend Malcolm managed audience passes of the popular TV show — KBC — for my parents. She was able to see him right in front of her eyes and also shook hands with the superstar.

These three wishes are — also — the biggest achievements of my life. After every wish, she would feel so joyful. I remember all the moments of pride, joy, sadness, anxiety, and all of that. After so many years when I look back, it seems that these wishes were so petty but it meant a whole world to mother.

I don’t think I have achieved anything bigger than actualizing my mother’s last wishes. I don’t know how I fared as a son but I was — somehow — able to fulfill her wishes with the support of money, friend, job, the universe, and the creator of the universe; if any.

The three — the car, the ring, and the superstar — came together to make her three wishes come true.

But this isn’t all, there’s one more important lesson to be observed. Money bought joy for my mother and I have realized that if you use your wealth wisely — in service of others — it can surely bring you true and everlasting happiness. To know more, watch this amazing video.

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