Husband And Wife In Islam

husband and wife

Marriage is a sacred bond entered into by two people who are committed to their goal to fulfill their lives and attain the pleasure of their creator. It’s also a natural human impulse to want to share your life with someone special and create a family. Husband and wife have a special bond between them.

When everything is new, it is easy to remain enthusiastic, but the reality is that somehow along the way in that journey, many people lose sight of the beauty in a good marriage and fall into negative patterns. The truth is that the bond between a husband and wife in Islam is something that needs to be grown and cultivated with equal effort from both sides.

Your wives are a clothing for you and you too are a clothing for them. Quran 2:187

What this essentially means, is that each marriage partner has the responsibility to protect the other’s honor. Marriage is the ultimate act of teamwork. With this in mind, protect your partner, speak positively into their life. Remember that you aren’t just a marital partner, but the other half of a winning team. Bearing this in mind, you owe it yourself and your marriage to fuel your mind with positive energy and how you do this is by reinforcing the good times. Speak about your joys, talk about those things that make you both laugh, highlight each other’s positive attributes and qualities. It’s in this manner that you give your marriage a firm foundation to stand upon.

And of His signs is that He has created spouses for yourselves from your own selves so you might take comfort in them and He has created love and mercy among both of you. In this there is evidence—of the truth—for the people who carefully think. Quran 30:21

Love and mercy should be the hallmarks of any solid marriage and relationship. We see that it’s stipulated in the scriptures. But is this truly what is practiced in modern daily life? The truth is that once you are in a routine, with a person that you’ve been married for a while, it is easy to take certain acts of kindness for granted. Just taking the time to articulate the words like thank you for a husband and wife, is a good start. You can also express your gratitude through acts of consideration, doing something thoughtful or using your own perception to do something meaningful for your partner.

When all is said and done, there are a number of ways in which to add positive energy to a marriage.  Often, the spice that is missing in a marriage comes in the simple form of being kinder, listening more and taking the other’s thoughts and feelings into consideration.

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