Life Has Been Generous, Too Generous

Recently, I’ve been meeting a lot of friends and hearing their life stories. All of them have so much inspiration and struggle in their life. There were challenges and all of that but my life has been quite easy.

My life isn’t full of challenges or struggles as such.

While so many of my friends were struggling hard in their college days or post-college days, I was enjoying life; drinking alcohol, hunting for women, traveling, and mostly working day-and-night in various animation studios in Mumbai.

Life in an animation studio isn’t tough. It’s like a golden cage.

There are dim golden lights and colorful toys all around. There’s no organizational politics or cut-throat competition as such.

Moreover, I was enjoying the film projects, my large team, inter-country interaction, popularity, super-computer, no-dress-code, long hours of work, all types of loans on my head six-figure salary with unlimited perks and all the fun in and around the creative life.

I heard some stories of friends who became parents some years post-college and were having such a challenging time building home and managing parenthood, while I was doing nothing much other than just chilling out with my film projects.

All I did was enjoy college life and did the same in professional life. I always was able to do as per my command; including my 4-year-long sabbatical. I don’t know how many get this opportunity in life but I was the lucky or chosen one.

Life is fun and I’m trying to keep it that way.

Today also, my friends see victory over so many of their challenges and struggles; they have big homes, fast cars, huge bank balance, extra property, children, foreign travels and I am doing nothing much other than just chilling out with my small home, no loan, no car, no children, no extra property, no foreign travels.

I still don’t have an inspiring story.

In all, life has been easy for me as I never had a serious struggle or challenges in life or maybe it’s the way I look at it.

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