5 Powerful Lessons From Quran

It’s my strong belief that the Quran contains one of the best personal-development technologies in existence. Islam has all the tools we need to succeed and we must put them to use. The following lessons can transform our lives in profound ways!

Every little thing matters

Anyone who does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and anyone who does an atom’s weight of harm will see it. Quran 99:7-8

Human beings have the tendency to think that the small actions we do on a daily basis are irrelevant and that only big decisions have the power to affect the course of our lives. This view is mistaken. Small actions are our lives and they create our future because life builds on a moment-by-moment basis.

Value time

Our time is truly our only resource in life and it is the most precious asset that we have. Unless we learn to manage our time, we will be unable to achieve anything of value. Mindless, meaningless continuous entertainment is a complete waste of life and is entirely against the teachings of Islam. It’s something followers must be very careful about since it is promoted constantly in our instant gratification and consumerism focused society. Followers must be vigilant about their time and consciously decide how to spend it.

Problems are opportunities

And behold, with every hardship comes ease. Indeed, with every hardship comes ease. Quran 94:5-6

Problems and hardships are an inevitable part of life. They are indeed a sign of life. We will only stop having problems when we stop having a life. Once we accept this reality, we can move forward and change how we view our problems. Problems have purpose and meaning. They are not random and they are not God’s punishment. They are placed by God in our lives for our own benefit and growth. Through problems we expand, become stronger and rise to a higher level.

Self-Confidence through reliance on God

Lack of self-confidence is an epidemic in our society. People look for it in all the wrong places where it can never be found. Self-confidence comes from depending on God and knowing that He is there to help and protect us. In Islam, followers believe that everything comes from the grace of God. They have self-confidence because they have complete reliance and trust in the creator.

Willpower as a result of faith

Strong will power and perseverance are required to achieve any goal in life. Without willpower and sustained effort, a person cannot do anything. The Quran explains that one of the basic weaknesses in human nature which impedes self-development is the weakness of will. As most of us have experienced, it’s very difficult to achieve anything with willpower alone. We need faith and prayer to sustain our efforts. Faith is the very thing that gives followers the strength to systematically and continuously persevere in our efforts.

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