Behind Every Successful Women There’s a SHE Factor

A woman is a ray of God. She isn’t that earthly beloved; she’s creative, not created.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by great women of our times. One is my wife, some are school and college friends, some are colleagues, some are mentors; all are quite successful today. There’re leading an inspiring life. Most of them are multi-tasking and almost omnipresent.

We’re connected throughout the day and I learn a new thing every day from each of them. I don’t know what it’s to be a woman but I know how does it feel to be around a one.

It’s always said that behind every successful man there’s a woman and vice-versa but I feel that behind a successful woman, there’s only one person — her.

4 thoughts on “Behind Every Successful Women There’s a SHE Factor

  1. This is very special. It shows the respect, deep understanding and appreciation you have for us weird “creatives”. Only a true man can write such beautiful words. Xx

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