Role And Status Of Women In Ancient India

Women in ancient India enjoyed a high status in society. Their condition was good. The women were provided with an opportunity to attain high intellectual and spiritual standard. Though monogamy was most common, some section of the society indulged in polygamy. There was no system of early marriage. But from enjoying free and esteemed positions … Continue reading Role And Status Of Women In Ancient India

In Conversation With—Coconut Amma

Once upon a time, I was walking on the beautiful streets of Puducherry and I noticed the famous woman coconut vendor—Coconut Amma. I couldn't stop and we had a striking conversation: Mother, please give me coconut water. Water or creamy? Take the creamy one, it's sweeter. Yummy, it's so sweet and cold. You're the first … Continue reading In Conversation With—Coconut Amma