Security Comes With Compassion

Last evening, I visited a store in a shopping mall. The security guard was wishing everyone with his heart. I wished him with full energy and also thought to observe him for a while.

I stood in a corner and observed around 100 people in an hour or so. I was surprised that almost no one wished him back. There was just this one couple who wished him.

Although there is no compulsion to wish anyone back, I feel a little compassion can do a lot of magic in ourselves and others. When wished back, his face was glowing and he felt so good.

We all want to be included, acknowledged, and noticed.

It just takes a second to wish someone back but the ripples are far-reaching. Let us try to be more compassionate to people who wish us; especially the security personnel in a shopping mall.

They give us security and can use our compassion. And compassion provides us security in life and loving relationships. Let’s wish them and thank all of them while leaving.

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