The Balloon Vendor

I was waiting for a friend when I saw this balloon seller. I’d the time and couldn’t resist but talking to him. The climate — of heart — was extremely beautiful and took my crazy towards him.

बाबुजी, गुब्बारे खरीदोगे क्या ?

He thought I was a buyer of his balloons but he wouldn’t have guessed that I was coming to eat his brain. I explained my reason to communicate with him. He was, suddenly, very happy.

अरे, वाह! मेरा इंटरव्यू लोगे ?

And I started. His name was Ramvilas Gupta from Gorakhpur city. I asked him what did he earn enough by selling balloons and to my surprise; he told me that he earns Rupees 200-300 every day in just half a day. Unbelievable but true!

I got very interested in knowing more about this balloony-man and opened up a detailed conversation. He told me that he used to sell called paan a popular time-pass eatery that gives red color on roads and walls — and before that, he used to work in a company, and before that, he was a farmer. He was quite satisfied with all the professions and earned good amounts.

का करी, कोई जगह टिक नहीं पाया |

Somehow, it never worked out being in the same profession. Hence, he shifted now and then but he has no regrets because in all the professions he had worked hard and earned well. His determination in this age and conviction has won my heart. This man and his style of being a master in whatever he did will always inspire me.

And who knows what’s next?

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  1. De temps en temps un exemple… Ca fait peur au newbie, et google peut rappeler qui est le chef. Ainsi seul les gros prennent le risque, ceux qui ont quelques moyens font autrement et le net n’est pas inondé par cette technique. Vu comme cela, ca me dérange pas ce genre de message.

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