The FIRST STEP Is The First Step Towards A Successful And Prosperous Life

first step

Taking the first step is the most difficult part; for most of the people. But, as it’s said that a thousand-mile journey starts with one step, the first step can take you far. I want to share some personal experiences with an emphasis on the first step.

  • My father was a victim of the Partition of India in 1947. After the partition, their family came to Delhi—from Lahore—with nothing on them. They stayed in a refugee camp for almost a year. There was no way to re-start a life but there was hope. He decided to come to Mumbai and start a new life. He brought his entire family to this new city and slow-slowly built a small empire of dreams.
  • My father-in-law resided in a small hamlet that isn’t on the map of India till date. but he had dreams to make it big in the city of dreams—Mumbai. He came to the city, worked in the day and studies in the night. He gave an examination to join Indian Navy and got selected. He retired a few years back as a celebrated officer.
  • My dear school friend got a marriage proposal after college. This proposal came from a prosperous family in a small country; far from India. The proposal was exciting but the thought of starting a new life in a small country was dreadful. But she took up the proposal and is now well settled and leading a much better life than most of us here.

In all of the examples, the people took a certain risk, what we can call the first step to make their life better. What’s in the future was not known but there were a direction, faith, and perseverance. They had faith in themselves and maybe in their God.

I suggest to all those who are still waiting and thinking for the right time, take the first step. This is the time—right now.


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