This Is What I Like the Most

It’s OK if you don’t like my thoughts, my understanding of life, my positivity, my conversations, my dreams, my ideas of a better world, my little achievements, my minimalistic lifestyle, my journey, or even my path, my holistic way of thinking, my helping nature or my moral and political philosophy, etc.

It’s all about different perspectives. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that we’re opposites. We’re just complementary — different sides of the same coin. We exist because of each other and complete each other. Our differences make us unique, and keep us bonded.

मतभेद है, मनभेद नहीं |

It’s OK even if you don’t like me in totality, I still LOVE you.

I ain’t interested in small talk. I want to talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, pain, the meaning of life, happiness, why are we here, where are we going, faraway galaxies, technology, the lies you have told, your deep secrets, my failures, love affairs, childhood, stories, your hopes and dreams, insecurities, fear, the devil inside you, how can we make this world a better place, etc.

I like people with depth; people who speak with emotions from a twisted and weirdly intoxicated mind.

I don’t want to know what’s up!

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