Revisiting Childhood Memories: Juhu Beach

juhu beach

This is one place all the citizens of Mumbai have been; since childhood. It’s the famous Juhu Beach and it’s beautiful.

I have been going here since my childhood. My parents used to take me to this place almost every Sunday.

What a time it was!


Today, I lived the past glory. I visited there again; after many years. The fragrance of the sea was the same. The food was delicious as last time.


The only thing that has changed is the cleanliness factor. It’s become quite dirty as compared to what it was in my childhood.

But that was like 30 years ago!


I took the auto-rickshaw as we did many years ago. It’s fun to travel like this. I love the madness of the auto-rickshaw drivers, their stubbornness, their drama and their NOs.


I ate the authentic street-foods of Mumbai.  I started from Pav Bhaji, then went to eat Pani Puri and completed my food orgasm with the most delicious and colorful of all — Gola.


I’ve promised myself to go there every month now. It’s so much fun there. I love walking near the sea, listening to the waves and watching the sun becoming red and suddenly disappearing into oblivion.

If you’re in India and visiting my city Mumbai, please connect with me to take a quiet stroll at this nostalgic beach.

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