The Successful Story of a Failed Blogger

successful story of a blogger

It’s said that the road to success is a long one and you succeed when you reach the end of the road. I want to share my success story as a blogger since 2017.

I believe that you’re successful; irrespective of the destination. If you’re walking, you’re successful. You’re successful If you’re alive!

It’s all in the mind

Success is a journey, not a destination. And the journey — in itself — can be the award and the reward.

People will provide you distorted definitions of everything in life; especially success. If you can trust me, don’t believe in them. Believe in yourself — listen to your heart, only your heart. If you can do whatever you want to do in life; you’re a successful human. You’re a successful human if you can live free from what others think you’re or want to be;

सबसे बड़ा रोग, क्या कहेंगे लोग |

F*** people!

Genesis of writing

No one ever believed me when I announced that I can write. No one listened to me. I started writing when I was in college. I wrote poems on love, heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, passion, humanity, romance, etc. Much later in life, I started writing fiction. I wrote many stories, and the audience was only me.

No one cared.

The journey of a blogging

After I got married, my wife realized my potential and inspired me to start my blog and put up all my thoughts there. I was excited to do this as all my stuff was in physical format and so much got lost.

I started this blog in January 2017.

I wrote on everything in life; from philosophy to science, from philosophy to pulp-fiction, from sex to meditation and all that you can imagine. I didn’t take a goal-oriented approach to build my audience. This is against the popular philosophy of life — plan for numbers!

The strategy

My strategy was the opposite. I just wrote and let the universe take care of the blog posts. Previously, no one used to read my posts. I used to share it on all social media platforms but all in vain. But, I was determined to write because I was writing for myself; not for others.

I wrote at least one blog post every day.

Criticism on my blog

Some intellectual people gave me advice on how to write and get an audience. Few over-educated people gave me suggestion to use English effectively to penetrate in the audience.

  • You can’t write like this
  • You need to write in sophisticated English
  • Your style isn’t good
  • Unless you spend money, no one’s going to read your blog posts
  • Writing isn’t for everyone
  • Choose one topic and focus on that
  • You’re a failure

Above is a lsit of the comments I got from people across the globe; mainly from my friends.

F*** them!

The status quo

I live my life on my terms. In my mad style. I use the bricks-of-comments they throw on me to build my home-of-ideas.

All I care about is that my story-telling should reach the heart of a common man. I don’t care about topics or grammar; I just focus on little moments and wild dreams that resonate with most of the people across the globe.

As a result, people from 156 countries read my blog today. It took a good one year to reach a lot of people but I did it. From almost no one reading my blog to a number that is ever increasing. The number of countries keeps adding every week and I get lovely feedback from people across the globe.

Yes, buying a personal domain helped. I think it has made me more visible on the internet.

Tribute to my readers

I’m highly indebted to the people who read my mad thoughts. I hope I’m touching your heart but my wish is to reach that room in your heart where no one else is allowed. I want to become one with you. I want to be with you in your little moments; in your pain, in your trouble, in your confusion, and your dreams.

That’s all I wish for!

I sincerely thank all of you who read my blog posts from these 156 countries. I want to inspire all of you to express your feelings and thoughts through blogging; without expecting the results and without clinging to the fruits of action.


There’s no formula for success; no formula for anything in life. You create your formula. Just be determined and believe in yourself. For all other things, Google is always there.

If you need help, I’ve a dedicated category on my blog that’s full of tips related to blogging.

It’s all in the mind.

The heart is on the left but is always right — listen to it. You never know one day you might make a career out of your mad idea! Just do it. Walk one; if no one’s available. Start walking, a caravan of people will join you if you’ve got a clean heart with good intentions.

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  1. really inspiring.
    Success is a journey, not a destination. And the journey—in itself—can be the award and the reward
    कौन कहता हैं मंजिल राहो का अंत हैं
    यह तो एक पडाव हैं चलना तो अनंत हैं

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