Recession Mantra: How to Cut Down and Still Feel Good About It

Recession is around the corner for some industries. Lots of people will be thrown out of their jobs because of strong competition. I’m no expert in business management but I’m learning human management and the trick is to encourage cooperation rather than competition.

An age-old solution is that if the fortunate employees can reduce a little bit of their income, and share it with the less fortunate ones. The least fortunate ones can be asked to leave but the less fortunate ones can be requested to sacrifice a little of their income; for a certain period. This may save many jobs, many homes, many dreams rather than just showing the door to many loyal workers. Some people can support some people and save their world; at least for a while.

Just imagine what love, respect, and community living will be created and these positive vibrations will take the company to another level altogether. Everyone will want to work for a company like this for sure because running a company is not only the boss’s responsibility, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

This sharing can solve problems of competition and hatred and build a gift economy and strengthen not only the employee-employer relation but built a healthy economy and a beautiful world. A transaction can turn into trust, isolation can be turned into a community, and scarcity can turn into abundance.

Some might say “This isn’t practical at the moment.” To this, my answer will be that many years ago no one thought that humans could fly, or see images through the skin or connect the world on a gadget, today airplanes, X-rays, and the internet are history. Someone has to start it and as Mahatma Gandhi said BE THE CHANGE when you blame other people or situations, you surrender your power to change.

We’re the world, we’re the children. We’re the ones who can make the world a better place so let us start giving. 

Michael Jackson

Self-centered minds may not understand or love this model, but my heart says that it can do wonders! Whatever is the question, love is the answer and business is all about people, isn’t it?

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