Let’s Hold Their Hands as They Did for Us Once

Little random acts of kindness can go far. These little acts look little but their ripples are really big.

I was in this queue at the less-than-10-items counter and there were few senior citizens behind me. As soon as I saw them, I requested them to go ahead.

They were joyful but shocked!

One elderly man told me that he hasn’t seen this behavior from anyone in recent times. He blessed me a lot, and we both were laughing together.


I’m so fortunate that lessons from parents and my compassion got me so many gifts. I’ve also made it a point not to react to genuine senior citizens who break the queue, rather I choose to respond and stay silent, become tolerant. They’ve spent years and years on this planet, must have seen so much, gone through so much of the ups and downs of life.

They must have been standing in queues all their life. It’s time to give them a break and respond with compassion and humility.

After a lifetime of working, raising families, and contributing to the success of this nation in countless other ways, senior citizens deserve this treatment, at least.

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