The Unforgettable Journey of the Ghazal Maestro

jagjit singh

Jagjit Singh inspired millions across the globe. He’s the man who revolutionized Indian semi-classical music, as in ghazal, and brought it to the masses globally. Without a doubt, he’s among the tallest luminaries in the history of world music.

  • He was the only Indian singer who was also a songwriter, a composer, and an arranger — a one-man industry.
  • His first album in 1976 changed the face of non-film music forever. He achieved his monumental popularity at a time when film music reigned supreme.
  • He revolutionized the format of live concert and music lovers, across the globe, witnessed something they never had seen before.
  • His compositions, renditions, style, and his rich baritone voice gave solid competition to film music. The result — today every aspiring singer is trying to sing his songs in his style.
  • The government of India has released a postal stamp in his honor and Google India honored him with a doodle.
  • India Today magazine included him in their list of 50 people who changed our lives.

He has also sung many songs for Hindi films. His transition from the 1970s until the time of his death has been marvelous, as his magic became more melodious and meaningful. Besides movies, he has sung many devotional songs also that are peaceful to hear. He’s any day the undisputed ghazal artist of the modern times.

Besides being a great singer, songwriter, and musician, he was also a compassionate philanthropist. He brought out a special album Cry for Cry for Children Relief and You. 

He worked with many social benefit organizations and helped many individuals come up in life, whether it was education, job, or establishing a career in the music industry. In 2003, the Government of India conferred the prestigious Padma Bhushan award on him.

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