I Give Timeless Gifts to My Friends, Their Personal Blog Post

I was doing a lot of soul-searching during 2013-2017. I was a self-exploration journey and learned a great deal about a lot of good virtues of life; including thanksgiving and sharing.

I liked the idea and wanted to share something for each friend on his or her birthday. I was on a complete no money-diet and it was not possible to share physical gifts with friends on their birthdays. I’d to come up with an idea of giving something material but timeless.

Above all, a gift with no monetary component. There was a problem but I wanted to turn it into an opportunity — one that never existed before.

I started blogging and decided to gift my friends a personal blog post on them; on their birthdays.

Each one has a beautiful story waiting to be told.

I try telling the story in my style.

This idea is working a lot. My friends are thrilled with joy. because no one has written anything on them as such. My blog posts have layers of emotional involvement packed with a pinch of humor.

It brings tears of joy in the eyes of readers.

It’ll stay online until the end of time or the internet.

I strongly believe that the problems can be transformed into opportunities with a creative approach to the problem and design thinking.

After all, necessity is the mother of all inventions.

If you want to read some blog posts about them, you can do so from the human category of my blog.

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