Why Do I Blog?

Why do you blog?

This is a favorite question people ask me across the globe.

Well, I don’t have any straight or complete answers to these questions but I can try to give you all a little perspective.

The idea is to write. To be able to write as much as possible. Also, the idea is to be able to inspire people and offer them the motivation they need to overcome certain obstacles, to feel as if they can conquer their circumstances, and become who they want to be.

If I can influence just one person to overcome their fear or offer them insight in lost times, support in times of distress, my birth will be justified. If I can ignite a spark of compassion, kindness, gratitude, love, friendship, peace, and happiness in one heart, I’ve fulfilled my purpose on this planet.

I write blog posts because that’s the best way I can express, explore, and relax. Blogging makes me a better person. I write blog posts of people and give them as a gift. This is a unique way of giving away eternal gifts.

It’s my personal and private space.

Got it?!

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