Turn Your FRIDAY Into a TRYDAY


It’s a lovely day as it’s also the foundation of a weekend. I like to call it TRYDAY. This is the day to try, at least start to.

I just want to share a reflection from my journey of what I call my experiments with truth, time, and money.

When I started my inner journey for transformation in 2013, I wanted to create a lot of change — inside and outside. Most of the people around me were clueless, empty, and discouraged me saying that one person cannot change. But I was adamant. I knew that it all started, even the universe, with just one. I was determined to bring inner and outer change; alone.

At least I was ready to try doing it.

I was on a no-money walking pilgrimage with one of my mentors in 2013. We were walking through the forest of northwest India. There was nothing to eat, nowhere to rest. But we were trying our best to survive. Suddenly, we got a phone and were invited by the head of a tribal village nearby. It was a pleasant experience staying with them.

The tribe offered us lots of food, shelter, and love. While going I asked them if there was something we can do. They said that the needed electricity as their village doesn’t even exist on the map of India.

I took an invisible vow to bring solar lights in the tribal village, alone, without the support of neta (politician) or abhineta (actor). I started this campaign called RISE: Rural India Solar Electrification.

People were skeptical and told me to stop because they were confident that I won’t be able to do this monolithic task. But I was doing the task at hand with dedication and left the result on the universe.


In three months I was able to collect funds and bring solar electricity to 100 families in the tribal village. What was not done for 69 years after independence happened in three months!

How did this happen?

This happened because of a lot of variables — people, self-confidence, divine support, money, social media, technology but most importantly because I tried.

So friends, today just give it a try. Try one thing that is looking impossible right now but it’ll happen. Impossible says I M POSSIBLE, it’ll happen. Go for it, be it business or relationship, just do it.

This is the true essence of this day.

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